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VitraGroup is an Australian company manufacturing and supplying Vitrapanel. We manufacture in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. Vitragroup is a world leader in innovative coating applications to the construction industry. Our mission is to be the leader in coating technology and application driven by customer requirements. We have pioneered and introduced prefinished fibre cement panels to architects over 30 years ago. Since then we have established ourselves as a reliable and quality supplier to the building industry. We lead the field in architectural facade and cladding panels, recently we are working on new products exploring the synergies between precoated steel and core products made of fibre cement, calcium silicate board and engineered composite products. Our product range includes Vitrapanel, Vitrapanel Graphic Panels our Tunnel Lining Panels and our new Noise Wall Panels. These products give architects and engineers a cost effective, flexible and durable product for their design



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