Graphic Image Panels using VitraPanel by VitraGroup

We print the panels using your individual design, combining Art with Architecture for a unique approach to building design

You can chose your unique graphic design, an existing painting, photograph or even texture, any design that can be printed. We can transpose this design on an architectural facade panel.

The building will be enhanced by this signature design that will be an integral part of the building. VitraPanel Graphic Image panels meet all building requirements and a 15 year warranty

With over 60 Architectural Graphic Image Panel projects in this category and over 20 years experience;

Graphic Image Panels using VitraPanel by VitraGroup Sydney Water Storage Facility environmentally sensitive design

VitraPanel Graphic Image panels at Edmondson Park Railway Station Heritage meets modern design

VitraGroup has developed a world leading graphic wall panel and a reputation of excellence.

A robust a wall panel with your unique graphic design

  • 15 year warranty same as VitraPanel, works for high UV areas
  • Australian manufactured
  • Meets all building code and fire rating regulations
  • no minimum quantities
  • Cost effective
  • Any graphic or photographic image
  • High resolution full colour
  • Works well with black and white photos and images
  • graffiti resistant


We can manufacture our Custom Image Panels in;

  • Compressed fibre cement
  • VitraSteel panels (engineered composite panel)
  • Solid Aluminium
  • Aluminium Composite
  • For other substrates please contact us

Manufactured in Australia

Panels are manufactured in Australia using proprietary technology developed by VitraGroup. Using the same coating as VitraPanel, V700


  • 15 year warranty same as VitraPanel. Integrity of colour and adhesion
  • Easy to install
  • No limit to size of project
  • Easy to maintain – graffiti resistant
  • Affordable
  • Your unique design on a wall panel with high quality images


We recommend consultation with VitraGroup when designing for this product

Please contact us to discuss your

  • Ideas and project,
  • Size of panels and the most cost effective way to design your project

The Process

  • Concept , Consultation, Graphic Design Specification, Sample, Approval


  • Using your unique design we digitally print on a proprietary prepared VitraPanel using the most up to date Printing technology.
  • A high quality graphical image is required with specified CYMK colours.
  • The image is then printed onto this VitraPanel.
  • We finish the panel using V700 coating


  • Panels can be cleaned like normal VitraPanel and have the same qualities , (see maintenance)

Graffiti can be easily removed.

Specification Templates in Members area